How to choose a quality space aluminum hardware?

How to choose a quality space aluminum hardware?

Apr 28, 2023

Space aluminum is a popular material on the market in recent years, space aluminum early used in aviation manufacturing, so it is called space aluminum. Now space aluminum has gone into the civilian field, often used for bathroom hardware pendants.


1. The advantages of space aluminum pendant


Space aluminum material is an environmentally friendly, colorfast metal, is widely used in home furnishing series products, space aluminum pendant with no rust, colorfast, environmentally friendly, durable and many other advantages, is one of the fine products of decoration, environmental protection than the general copper bathroom supplies, non-oxidation than stainless steel, in keeping the appearance of bright and durable at the same time, affordable. Space aluminum is suitable for a variety of home decorating style, fashionable and durable, and corrosion resistance, under normal use, ten to fifteen years will not rust.


2. The disadvantages of space aluminum pendant


The surface of the space aluminum bathroom pendant is mostly matte, sub-gloss, not as bright as chrome finished, but not lack of fashion.


We should pay attention to distinguish between quality products and inferior products when buying and selling, generally you can mainly look at the following aspects:


1.raw materials

Inferior products: generally using poor quality aluminum and magnesium alloy, recycled aluminum as raw materials, the aluminum content is very low, and cut corners to lower cost, loose structure, poor fastness, light weight, feel frivolous, surface trachoma, pimples.


Excellent: generally use 6063 aluminum, containing aluminum purity up to 90% or more, tight structure, heavy weight, thick feel, soft surface color, smooth surface, no trachoma, no lumps.


2.Die-casting and finishing process


Inferior products: small die-casting machines or rudimentary machine tools, insufficient pressure, pores, filaments, cracks and surface defects, oxidation imprecision and other phenomena, not polished, the surface is not smooth, the process is rudimentary.


Excellent product: using large precision CNC die-casting machine tools and digital precision machine tools, the surface of the blank is smooth, flat, no porosity, filigree blemishes and other phenomena, each part, after grinding, polishing process precision procedures, the process is complex and numerous.


3.The oxide layer, surface treatment

Inferior products: some manufacturers to steal work to reduce the procedure, the surface is not oxidized directly, directly with oxidized aluminum, the general appearance of the surface is not smooth, loose structure, poor bonding, dull luster, some manufacturers do not polish, sand, the surface oxide layer is not uniform, after a long time will appear corrosion, wear, bubbles or flaking. The oxide layer is less than 5 microns, the material inside is susceptible to air oxidation, and the surface layer will be easily scratched and burrs and other phenomena.


Excellent: in strict accordance with national oxidation process standards, the oxidation layer of more than 8 microns, using 6063 high-grade aluminum, and after polishing, sand and other processes, after anodic oxidation treatment, and then after the white disc, the surface glossy, thick sense of vision, long-term use will not wear, corrosion, trachoma, lumps, oxidation or flaking, lasting for a long time, the structure of precision, uniform oxide layer, "color surface" brace. The higher the oxidation layer, the surface is not easy to scratch and appear burrs.


4.The accessories

Inferior products: fasteners using iron screws, easy to rust, glass using low-grade domestic products, uneven thickness, low transparency, visual turbidity, plastic parts using recycled plastic processing, easy to fracture, not solid.

Excellent: fasteners using stainless steel screws or copper screws, glass using Thai imported glass, uniform thickness, good sense of vision, clinker parts are genuine domestic well-known manufacturers to purchase, easy to use, good solid performance.


5. The packaging, after-sales

Inferior products: packaging using poor raw materials, crude printing, trademark is not clear, eye-catching, generally are not specified in the box manufacturer, address, after-sales telephone, warranty card, installation instructions, etc., or even white packaging "three no" products.


Excellent product: beautiful packaging design, beautiful printing, clear and eye-catching trademark, are on the surface of the product with a laser on the brand trademark, and inside the box indicates the manufacturer, address, after-sales telephone, warranty card, certificate of compliance, in accordance with the instructions!

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